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Our history

Silver Sounds was formed in 2001 by a group of older people belonging  to the Brighton and Hove Coalition of Older People who travelled to Perugia,Italy,to participate in an International Peoples Festival La TerzaFest.The event set out to challenge some of the barriers that stand in the way of older people's participation in the life of their local communities.The Brighton and Hove group were invited to contribute a performance to the opening of the festival.

The group chose to form a Samba Band because this is an activity not normally associated with older people.The experience of performing in Italy convinced the group that drumming was not only fun but could also send out a message that challenged stereotypes about  what older people can and cannot do.It also provides opportunities for physical and mental exercise in a fun and social setting.

The group, with the support of Brighton and Hove City Council were determined to carry on after the Italian trip and to develop an organisation to keep the band alive, to cover its costs through subscriptions/paid performances and to remain open to any older person over 60 who wants to join.

(NB.Due to popular demand the joining age has now been lowered to 50!)



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