Until further notice we kindly ask members to please wear a mask to all practice sessions,unless you are exempt.

Can you believe that we've reached our 21st Anniversary.WOW! Who would have thought back in 2001 that Silver Sounds Samba Band would still be playing/performing.
We've decided to celebrate this milestone by having"An Event"at St. George's Church, Kemptown on Friday 19th Aug. at 5pm.
There will be a short concert, workshop for anyone who would like to have a "bash" and refreshments.
This is a free but ticketed event. For catering purposes we do need to know numbers as soon as possible. Tickets are available
either by email from Nancy at:-nancy.gater@ntlworld.com or 
During the break there will be refreshments and time to catch up with familiar faces. There will also be displays of photos and performers. The finale will be  the Maracatu dancers.There will also be a charity bucket( The charity has yet to be decided).
There is disabled access and toilet facilities.

                   We look forward to seeing you.