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The Bateria

Drumming –  “Bateria”

Bateria is the name given to the drumming section of a samba school.



The main instruments are:

  • Surdo – (the bass drums)

  • Caixa – (the snare drums)

  • Repenique – (a high pitched drum)

  • Chocalho – (a shaker made of jingles similar to those found on a tambourine, but attached to a frame)

  • Agogo Bells – (bells of different pitch)

  • Tambourim – (a small handheld drum)

  • Ganza - (a cylindrical shaker)

  • Cuica - (an ancient hand held instrument whose sound mimics the call of the male lion)We also have a cavaquinho section, a Brazilian 4 stringed instrument related to the guitar.

  • Congas- also known as tumbadoras, are tall, narrow, single-headed hand drums from Cuba. 

Silver Sounds offers opportunities for people who have never played an instrument to learn new skills and become part of a dynamic group. We find that most people love the uplifting effect of participating and usually stay for years.

Research has shown that involvement in musical activities delays the onset of Alzheimer's disease

The video below shows Mestre Paul illustrating different patterns. It was filmed by Paul Milton Lyons, a former member.


                 Our Rhythms

As well as Rio Samba, guaranteed to get your hips moving, we also play a variety of rhythms from Brazil and other parts of Latin America. These include:-

Samba Reggae (several styles)


Maracatu (with dancers)



Our Mestre, Paul, teaches us about the culture of Brazil, the origins of different rhythms and regional variations. 



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