I would just like to say that we at Sycamore Court (Resident’s and staff) have very much enjoyed our visits from Silver Sounds Samba Band, the performances are not only fun and entertaining, but involving our resident’s is very heart warming, your band seems to bring out the musical best in our resident’s even those who claim to have never played a musical instrument, the joy you bring to our older people is second to none and we very much look forward to further visits, after the performances it is also wonderful that you all take the time to chat with our resident’s who perhaps sometimes feel isolated or lonely. Such an incredible achievement.

Sorry for the long delay in sending the photos I promised you.

Thanks again for such a great afternoon, If you could only see the great results & response we had from your Silver Sounds coming to visit us.

You are doing a great job & I hope you are able to continue in such work, we would love you to visit again and possibly very soon too.

I felt all of you were very sensitive to the needs of the residents when it came to volume & noise. The way you got them ALL involved was wonderful as some of those who took part don’t always take part in certain activities and we all know just how vital music is to people with dementia.


So I say THANK YOU once again and do contact me if you are able to come back again from us all at

Rottingdean Care Home.